Workshop on a Tightrope (August 2023)

Join us for weekly classes beginning Sunday August 27th at 7pm Mountain. Each session is 2 hours. Throughout the 6 weeks we spend together, you will learn how to work through the difficult aspects of a mixed faith marriage, and begin to view your new situation as a strength.


What People Are Saying:

This course isn't about truth claims or who is right and who is wrong. The course provides a framework for having difficult conversations with regard to the Tenders and beliefs, and how you can work together as a couple to have a happy and successful MFM. If you are in a MFM and struggling with how to communicate, this course is for you.


It has helped us as a couple open up a dialogue that seemed to be a huge wall between us, and I feel hopeful that as we use the tools taught we can absorb more as we are ready to continue our progress after the workshop.


This has given us a platform to have the harder discussions that we have been wanting to have and have put off for a few years.


Super interactive. Connects you to others in the same situation. Support group is essential and helps to ease the fear when you realize you’re not alone.


$597.00 USD